For Sale By Owner

Selling Your Home?

Minnewaska Abstract & Title, LLC realizes that selling your own home is not a simple task.  Often the services of a real estate professional will help you greatly in successfully facilitating the sale of your home.  We can offer you names of local real estate agencies in our area to assist with the process.

While not the answer for all sellers, if you are committed to putting in the time and energy, you could be among the growing number of home owners who have sold their own home.

When selling your home, Minnewaska Abstract & Title, LLC can help ensure a smooth and successful closing process, and would like the opportunity to work with you.  We have put together our For Sale By Owner Information Packet to help you get started.

The Minnesota Attorney General also has a Home Sellers Handbook, available to view and download, that has lots of information concerning selling your home.  

If you are considering selling your own home, take a look at our For Sale By Owner Information Packet.